Keeping track of transaction fees on cryptocurrencies can be difficult and confusing for many beginners. Transaction fees change all the time and many send with very high fees completely unnecessarily. If the network is overloaded, you have to pay a high transaction fee to get through the transaction directly or in the next block. Many wallets have preset fees and sometimes they do not change automatically according to the current fee rate.

TxStreet is a site that visually shows the transaction fees for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Monero.

Example with Ethereum.

If you want to get through your transaction immediately, you must have the same fee as the first block / car has in line. (if it says 50 Gwei, it is the lowest fee to get through the transaction immediately)

If you do not need to get through your transaction immediately, you can see which block is a few blocks / cars further down to avoid paying the highest fee. Sometimes you can halve the fee on just 3-4 blocks / cars further down. (50 Gwei first, 42 Gwei second, 36 Gwei third, 29 Gwei fourth, etc.)

This also applies to Bitcoin.

Do not pay high fees if you really do not have to. This is something that many are not aware of and therefore pay high fees completely unnecessarily!