That we are monitored via our devices is nothing new. Microsoft, Google and Apple save everything we do, the majority of ISPs save our data and phone and chat services log everything we talk about. To protect yourself from this, you can use a VPN service. This means that your internet traffic goes via a server from a VPN company. Today it has turned out that many VPN companies have had to disclose data to intelligence services and governments. There are also services that have been hacked by unknown actors and everyone who has used the service has had their information and data leaked.

But now there is a solution to these problems. OVPN is a service from Sweden that invests in security and they have come up with several interesting solutions that make them the most secure VPN service in the world!

There are also benefits other than security for OVPN users. You can change your NETFLIX account to different countries such as the USA and Germany. This means that you get the offer of these countries and then you get access to a lot more movies and series!

OVPN is available for all conceivable platforms. IOS, Android, Windows, Linux, MAC, so you can have the service on both your computer and mobile phone.

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