As many people know, states around the world are trying to enforce a lot of surveillance laws, which means that everyone’s messages and information will be saved and monitored. If you want to keep your privacy, you can start using services that still want to offer your customers a safe and secure service. Protonmail is probably the best email available right now!

If you do not like to be monitored on your email as you are when using Google, Apple, Microsoft services, there are other options. Protonmail is an email that has proven to be safe and good service that wants to offer an anonymous e-mail and puts the customer safety in the first place.

This email service offers, among other things, end-to-end encryption, which means you are safe when sending emails between you and your contacts. It is the same encryption that many large encrypted apps use. Today, there are laws that allow authorities to spy on you even though you use encrypted services, but this is still better than the big regular services where they can see everything you do.


+ Encrypted Email messages

+ You can change the suffix to, ex name @ , easy to remember and explain for new contacts

+ Encrypted Email inbox

+ Stylish design and easy to use

+ Mobile App