In times of crisis, many people lose their capital. Thanks to the rigged system of central banks, many have bought into the market and are now forced to sell much lower. This has been going on for a long time and it is in this way that the richest in the world become even richer and everyone else becomes poorer. However, there are ways to protect their capital. For a long time in history, gold has worked as money. It was until the 70s when the United States decided to remove the gold standard, which was a way for banks to really have real capital to be able to issue paper money. After that, money became air. They started printing money without having any value behind it and that is why our money has become less and less valuable since then.

Today, many people are looking for alternatives. Now that the stock market is in a bubble, people want to protect themselves in other ways. The best thing would have been if people were aware of things like this before a crash happens so as not to lose everything you have. Gold and silver have always been a good alternative to keep your money, because there is a limited amount of it so there can be no inflation on it and the value can therefore not go to zero (just like many cryptocurrencies).

You can buy shares in gold and silver but if there is a real crisis then it is not surely you get your gold from companies and banks. Then it is best to have it physically at home by oneself or in another safe place.

It is impossible to know what will happen to the market in the future, this is not a financial tip but just information that there are other alternatives. It is up to everyone to think about how they want to keep their money.

This is one alternatives to buying gold for those who are interested.

They have several different payment methods, standard credit cards, cryptocurrencies and bank transfers. So you can buy gold and silver with cryptocurrencies, which increases your security if you want to be more anonymous when you buy it!

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