The Brave browser was voted the best privacy-focused product in 2019!

The first tip is about a browser. There are several reasons why you should replace your current browser with this one and the biggest reason is above all that it protects you in several ways. Many other browsers such as Google Chrome, tracks your habits through its ads and resells your data to other companies. The Brave browser has a different business model. You get money when you surf. This is because Brave has its own advertising model where the advertiser pays and then it is distributed to everyone who sees it. It also makes pages load faster. So you save both time and money by using this browser. It is available for both computer and mobile.

When you install Brave, by default it does not show any ads at all. It’s like a built-in ”ad blocker” from the start. But if you want to be part of supporting the development and profit from surfing, you can easily activate the service.

For the more advanced users so you can create cryptocurrencies directly in the browser or use their hardware wallet to connect to them directly. This is a convenient way to use your cryptocurrencies once you get started! There’s more info inside the Brave icon to the right of the search bar.

Brave uses its own cryptocurrency. Here is a clip that explains how the ecosystem works!


+ Prioritizes user privacy.

+ Built-in ad blocker. You surf faster and avoid being tracked by IT the giants.

+ Has its own cryptocurrency (BAT, Basic Attention Token) which you are rewarded with when to surf.

+ 3-6 times faster than other browsers

+ You can give donations to services and people you follow with them Embedded Cryptocurrency

+ Has a built-in crypto wallet

This is a product that will make your browsing better in several ways!

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