The internet is very centralized and it is basically controlled by a few entities. Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft. All are controlled by the state and many of the creators and managers have started working for the CIA and other government agencies after their carrier in the IT companies. Now in times of crisis, the state is getting through some scary laws. They want to ban encryption completely to be able to read all messages and see what everyone is doing on the internet which means that we will lose our privacy completely!

Therefore, it is important to start using other options. Signing up and showing your interest is the best thing you can do today. It is difficult for new alternatives to become big thanks to the current system has been so good. It is difficult to compete with all major IT companies. But today, for example, when Youtube starts censoring things you want to see, you will have to change platform and it will probably make more people apply for other alternatives.

Here is the best censorship resistant Youtube alternative right now!


New apps and services are being built on the LBRY network and the latest website is called Odysee. You can use your LBRY account on it because it is on their network! Short clip about what it is and why they created it!